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The way we currently work in Tech needs a refresh.

Everyone talks about the future of work, but few people understand that new technology is needed to enable new modes of working. Technology that unlocks productivity in remote and async teams. Opsmate is that technology.

Connect your SaaS App tech stack

Pre-built workflows

Pre-built automations

Pre-build human approval points (Human Guided Automation)


Our awesome features

Opsmate's vision for the Future of Work

We are building Opsmate to enable every Tech company to operate as a "Future of Work" company,

Remote & Async First


4 day workweek


Community Powered Growth


Work anywhere & same pay, regardless of "base country"


Output focused team management


Quarterly in person team retreats


Our Products

Our primary GTM is "Community Powered Growth", inspired by Airbnb's success with its Community growth programs.

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Customer Testimonals

Don't just take our word for it, hear directly from some of our first customers!

"Working with Opsmate has been a game-changer for Bordr. After a period of rapid growth, our internally built Operations Tech Stack was no longer able to support our growing business. We're saving at least 20 hours a week by using Opsmate and are in active discussions to add more time saving automations”

Richard Lo
CEO of Bordr

"Opsmate helped by team quickly catch up on our invoicing backlog. We are now getting invoices out 40% faster & with less staff time required. No way we are going back to manually performing routine operations work when Opsmate can automate that work for us"

Keli Hoyt-Rupert
CEO of Tandem Mobility

Human Guided Automation

Our proprietary workflow design process makes routine operations more efficient without sacrificing quality or management visibility

Pre-built, Intelligent Workflows

Customers can customize our pre-set thresholds for when to trigger automations or route to Manager for approvals

Async Team Collaboration

Worker & Manager Dashboards are the hub of Opsmate's product, combines data from SaaS apps with one click automation triggers

Intelligent Rerouting of Work

Say goodbye to out of office messages or pings when you're OOO, we intelligently route work to your backup!

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Targeting Pre-Seed to Series A tech companies, committed to "Future of Work". List of available modules:
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  • Conversion
  • Customer Success
  • Financial Operations
  • Full Platform!
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